Kofi Gumbs

I'm a UI programmer based in Baltimore, MD. I use he/him pronouns. You can follow my work via Twitter, GitHub, or RSS/Atom. Here's some of my recent work:

A retrospective on Multi:

Podcast: Collaborative Craft, Episode 3

This page is intentionally left Black

Teaching WebGL to dance to music

Ben from Ozark

Tide (ft. Billy Gee)

Creating a Slack app that uses fewer resources:



Fairy Note


Cel shading

Come _ Stay _

Designing for trainer productivity

My time at the Recurse Center:

Embed Twitter video:

Making Bitmoji dance with WebGL and Elm

The "programming language" design pattern

Building a tool that leverages Elm's types:

Guaranteed refactors: generating tests from types

Inventing options


Testing Cmd's in Elm:

Getting to BEAM without going through Erlang

How JSON decoding works in Elm—Part 3

How JSON decoding works in Elm—Part 2

How JSON decoding works in Elm—Part 1

The Core of Erlang

Introducing functional, reactive programming

Docker as a (workstation) service

Becoming a professional learner

Using functions to make better abstractions

Why I make trivial apps: